Sunday, August 31, 2008

Testing, testing, one, two, three...hummm, I think this might take me some time to FIGURE out. I was JUST reading Angie's (Angie Belnaps Blog) and thought I needed to make a Collins Family blog so I could keep everyone up-to-date on our little FAMILY. I am not sure how to work this blogging stuff, so if it looks SILLY, forgive me. I am still learning.

Here is AARON, can you believe he is 7 years old? He is in 1st grade this year and is so excited about school and learning. It is really a JOY to see him learning new things and then sharing his knowledge with his little brothers, Matthew and Samuel. Aaron is pretty LOW KEY for the most part. He LOVES to read to us, and to his little brothers (which is such a cute picture). He is pretty easy going little boy. Loves to read, play SOCCER, play piano, cook. His wish is to have a "THROW DOWN" with Bobby Flay.
MATTHEW is now 4 and will be in pre-school this year. He too is so excited for school to start. Hope he does better at school than he does at PRIMARY. Last Sunday I happened to be in the hallway and saw him running full steam ahead with the primary president walking BRISKLY behind. It was HILARIOUS. He lapped her in her efforts to catch him, so I headed threw the chapel to cut him off. This little one DEFINITELY gives me a run for my money! Even though he is so ORNERY he is definitely a little cuddle bug too.

Samuel, oh poor little SAMUEL. We as his parents have 3rd child syndrome. We don't dash to his every whimper, cry, or squawk like we did with our first two. He, more than the other two boys, has had to fend for himself in our rugged house. Matthew loves to WRESTLE, so of course he picks SAM to wrestle with. This usually ends up with Mom and Dad intervening and sitting Matthew in time out. Even though Sam is only 2, DON'T LET him fool you. This little one can scale cabinets, trees, our 4 foot picket fence. We think that he takes after Nathans side of the family, you know the MONKEY side. HEHEHEHEHE

As for NATHAN and myself we are doing well. Nathan is finishing up his last semester of school. He will graduate this December with his Elementary Education degree. I finished my NURSING degree and have worked at our LOCAL hospital here in Lewiston since 2002. I do EVERYTHING from chemotherapy, bone marrow biopsies, various I.V. therapies, radiology cases, and varies emergent G.I. cases that come in. It keeps me busy! REALLY BUSY! Did I say busy? We HOPE to stay here in the Valley when Nathan gets done. Guess we will see where the cards fall after December.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how grown up your family is. I love the pictures. I didn't realize you were still in Lewiston (holy cow... I'm out of touch!). You are so beautiful. Next time we come your way I'll get in touch! We come up about once a year.

So good to see your family!


CaliBels said...

dianna, i was beginning to wonder what had happened to you. so it was great to see your blog and get to see your handsome family. update more often!